What to Expect from Full-Service Movers?

There are different types of moving companies. Each one offers different sets of services. But what can you expect from a full-service packing and moving company?

What Is a Full-Service Moving Company?

Full-Service Moving Company

Full-service movers offer start-to-end moving solutions. From the time they arrive at your doorstep at your present place to the time they leave at your destination place, they will handle all services needed to move your belongings.

Our local full-service movers offer customized plans based on your moving requirements. With us, you will have the choice to pick up only the specific services for your plan, And you pay only for the services you use.

What do Full-Service Movers Do?

You should expect the following benefits in a full-service moving package:

Dismantling and Packing

Some furniture items require dismantling before loading onto the truck for transportation.  All furniture items will be dismantled properly and safely. Small to large items will be packed in the right size boxes.

Our full-service packing and moving professionals use special packaging solutions to pack fragile items. We will move your belongings safely to the destination.

Loading onto the Trucks

The members of the moving company team will place all your belongings in the trailer’s storage bay. This is a laborious process, but you do not have to get involved in it. The workers involved in this process will work together to lift all heavy items.


This is the main job for our movers in Massachusetts. The right size moving truck is used to move all items. The size of the vehicle depends on the volume of your belongings that require moving. Only trained and licensed drivers drive the trucks. All your items will reach their destination safely.

Unloading and Unpacking the Items

Unloading and Unpacking the Items

Most homeowners feel stressed about the idea of unpacking and assembling their belongings at the destination.
You do not have to worry about this issue when you deal with our full-service moving company.

Our service plan covers not only unloading but unpacking and assembling as well. It takes a big burden off your shoulders because then you do not have to get involved in this laborious and time-consuming process. Furniture dismantled at the origin place will be now assembled. All these items will be placed in the right places in your new home as instructed by you.


When searching for a reputable full-service moving company, make sure it specializes in full-service packing and moving. The company must be licensed and insured. All its workers who will come to work at your home will be insured. Check the reliability of an interstate moving company when moving to another state. Also check its safety record.

An interstate mover will provide you with materials that explain your rights and responsibilities during the moving process. The booklet will have all terms and conditions. It will provide details related to the arbitration, liability, late delivery penalties, maximum container weight, and others.
Hire one of the best full-service moving companies that have  years of moving experience. By checking all such details early, you will ensure you are using the services of a reliable and reputable mover.

Our full-service movers handle all work associated with the moving process. They will bring additional padding supplies for the safe packaging of fragile items. We will even supply the packing materials if needed.

Contact our fullservice movers to check all these details.


1. What Does Full-Service Move Mean?

As explained, this service plan means the mover takes care of all steps involved in the process of moving your belongings from one place to another. They not only load, transport, and unload your items; they also get involved in the packing and unpacking steps. Any other special requirements related to this process can be included in this plan.

2. How Much Time Will a Full-Service Move Take?

A big advantage of a full-service moving plan is that the whole process is completed faster. It is because trained workers are involved in this process. They know the job well and have experience in handling this process for hundreds of customers. With the required number of workers assigned for the job, the work gets completed quickly.

If you try to do the same job by yourself or with the help of your family members, it will take longer.  Some of you may not have the strength to lift heavy objects. This work carries the risk of injury. You will face no such problems when professional workers handle all jobs of this moving process.

3. How to Find a Reputable Full-Service Mover?

While recommendations from family and friends are helpful, you should also look at online reviews of a company before hiring it. Check what its customers are saying. Did they have good experience using its moving services? Check reviews of this company at reliable review websites. Read the latest opinions and reviews. Reviews posted a few years back may not be relevant today. Compare both positive and negative opinions when comparing the best full-service moving companies.