Ten Quick Moving Tips

Moving your home or office can be difficult for some. But if you take the time to think ahead and organize the process, it can go very smooth!  Here are a 10 quick moving tips we’ve learned over the years that our residential and commercial clients have utilized to make the process a little smoother – hope they help you!

Moving Tip #1: No loose items!

This is a moving tip for you and for us—have as few loose items as you can come moving day. You’ll save yourself some time if items that are going to the same spots in your new home are grouped together in boxes; and you’ll save your movers the extra time it would take to be move items one at a time.
Moving tip no loose items

Moving Tip #2: Track your boxes with a fully charged iPad in one of the boxes.

Today’s technology helps with this moving tip. Want to know where your items are as they travel? Charge up an iPad (or any device with “Find My iPhone” on it) and you’ll be able to track your things as we transport them to your new home.
Moving Tip 2

Moving Tip #3:  Color code your boxes + label on multiple sides

Organization is the name of the game when it comes to moving—and if you color code (red sticky note-marked boxes go to the master bedroom, yellow sticky note-marked boxes go to the kitchen, etc.) your boxes and label them on multiple sides it’ll make everyone’s life much much easier!
Moving Tip 3

Moving Tip #4:  Take lots of pictures

Snap some shots of your belongings inside their boxes. This will help you remember where everything is before you start unpacking and will help you confirm all of your items made it safely and securely to your new home.
Tip for Moving

Moving Tip #5: Remove clutter before the movers show up

Transporting heavy boxes and furniture to and from the moving truck is challenging work, so make sure there’s plenty of walking space for your movers to lift, walk and carry. They’ll appreciate it!
Moving Tip 5

Moving Tip #6: Hire locally

You and your belongings are going to matter more to someone local than to a big corporation. Look locally for a thoughtful, experienced team of movers who will prioritize you and your needs over anything else.
Moving Tip

Moving Tip #7: Secure a parking spot

Plan ahead so that your movers have somewhere to park their truck. Move your own car out of the driveway if you’ll need it during the moving process or get permission from your city and/or neighbors if your movers may need to park in a public space.
Moving Tip 7

Moving Tip #8: Take a picture of the back of your TV with everything plugged in

All those wires and cords can be overwhelming to get plugged back in after your television has travelled from one place to another, so save yourself the hassle of figuring it out later and snap a photograph of everything set up before you start unplugging things.
Moving Tip 8

Moving Tip #9: Your clothes and bedding work just as well—if not better than—bubble wrap

Your clothes and bedding work just as well as—if not better than—bubble wrap! Line your boxes and wrap fragile items in soft shirts, cushiony comforters, and thick duvets and save yourself the money on bubble wrap that won’t serve any long-term purpose.
Moving Tip 9

Moving Tip #10:  Clothes on hangers

If you aren’t using your clothes as cushioning for your fragile items, it’s much easier to leave them on hangers instead of stacked up in boxes. This will make moving easier and will make unpacking easier for you at your new home!
Moving tip 10

Of course, hiring a trusted mover is always important in getting the job done.  Our goal is to make your move as stress free as possible to ensure there are only positive experiences as you begin your adventures in your new home.  Give us a call, our team is ready to help you.  978-421-6033