5 Mistakes People Make While Moving Gym Equipment

If you plan to relocate your home gym, cleaning and disassembling gym equipment before moving is essential. It’s also vital to know how to pack, unpack and organize heavy equipment properly without destroying them or the architecture of your home. Big Hill Movers are one of the leading home gym equipment movers with years of experience in packing and moving. Get in touch with us to learn more about packing, unpacking, and moving your gym equipment safely without damaging them or the property. 

Top 5 Mistakes People Make While Moving GYM Equipment

Moving Gym Equipment

Read along to know the top 5 mistakes people make while moving gym equipment: 

 1. Improper Packing of Moving Parts of Equipment

Proper storage of gym equipment is a crucial aspect of gym equipment transportation and installation. It is essential to secure all of the moving parts with packing tape, zip ties, ropes, or bungee cords. This will save time and make transportation easier. If you are unsure about how to pack gym equipment, contact us! We are the leading gym equipment moving company with well-experienced movers determined to move your gym equipment safely. 

It can still be challenging despite the safety concerns of moving gym equipment, as unsecured parts can easily damage doors and walls. They can even hurt someone around them. Be sure to secure all cables and remove any belts before transporting. Moreover, never move weight machines with weights attached and hire us; we are one of the best fitness equipment movers. We will ensure your equipment is moved properly and safely. 

2. Moving Gym Equipment Without Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders are discs that are placed under heavy furniture and other items. In addition to helping transfer large items, sliders protect the floors from scratches. They also make moving gym machines much easier and safer. Most furniture sliders are made of durable plastic or metal. They are usually able to support several hundred pounds of weight. However, it is essential to check the weight limit of the sliders before moving heavy equipment. 

Furniture sliders are suitable for hardwood and carpeted floors and can be used to move various items. If you hire one of the leading home gym equipment movers to move your equipment, they may already have furniture sliders. Choosing a gym equipment moving company with several good quality furniture sliders is advisable, as this will protect your precious furniture and help them carry them conveniently. Contact us to know more! 

3. Moving Gym Equipment Unboxed

It’s advisable to pack home gym equipment in the boxes specifically designed for this purpose. This way, one can avoid the risk of damage. Ideally, one should use sturdy boxes for gym equipment. Including packing materials like bubble wrap, packaging papers, and other materials to protect the equipment is a wise choice. It’s advisable to hire one of the best home gym equipment movers to ensure gym equipment is moved safely without any loss. To know more about proper packing and moving equipment, connect with us. 

When moving heavy home gym equipment, always put the boxes in the last part of the moving truck. Do not load it on top of other packages, as this will damage them or create a lot of wasted space. Using furniture pads and blankets to wrap gym equipment is recommended for extra protection. If you are unsure about boxing your gym equipment, it’s advisable to consult us for packing and moving your home gym equipment, as we are one of the leading home gym equipment movers.

4. Transporting Heavy Gym Equipment Without Professional Help

Moving home gym equipment can be a challenge. It requires unique handling methods to ensure no damage is done. Often people try to pack and move their gym equipment on their own to save some extra money, and they end up breaking their expensive equipment or hurting someone. Transporting your home gym equipment alone is not advisable as it can often be fatally dangerous. Instead, hire us; we are well-experienced gym equipment moving company. 

It is essential to secure manuals and hardware to prevent damage. It is also important to keep moving parts tightly secured by using zip ties, bungee cords, or rope. Loose parts could damage walls and injure movers. While moving gym equipment, ensure that oddly-shaped pieces are wrapped with bubble wraps, moving blankets, or bedding. 

4. Moving Gym Equipment Without Cleaning Them First

Gym Equipment Weight

Viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens are often found on exercise equipment. It is vital to make sure your gym equipment is germ-free before packing it away. Always use sanitizer spray bottles and wash your hands thoroughly after packing and moving your machines. Hiring well-experienced home gym equipment movers will help you properly sanitize gym equipment, pack them in their boxes, and transport them wherever you want. 

Before packing, you should make sure to sanitize your equipment. By sanitizing your equipment correctly, you will prevent germs from spreading to other pieces of equipment. You can easily sanitize your gym equipment using paper towels and an all-purpose cleaner. If you do not have a cleaner on hand, you can use a natural spray solution made from tea tree oil.  We are the leading fitness equipment movers with years of experience in moving and packing. 

Key Takeaways

Moving heavy gym equipment can be difficult and dangerous. While hand weights and exercise bands are easy to transport, treadmills and elliptical machines can be much more challenging to move. Hiring gym equipment moving company is best to help you with this if the gym equipment is heavy. Make sure that the entrances and exits are clean. Also, ensure that the floors are cleaned and disinfected before moving them to your new place. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it hard to move to a home gym?

Hire gym equipment moving company to move your gym equipment safely. You can also use furniture sliders. 

2. How to move heavy gym equipment?

Use furniture sliders to move heavy gym equipment. Ensure that the equipment is packed correctly by home gym equipment movers. 

3. How do you transport weights safely?

The safest way to transport weights is by hiring leading gym equipment moving company or seeking guidance from home gym equipment movers. Ensure they are correctly packed in boxes.