Long-Distance Moving – The Complete Checklist

Are you planning a long-distance move? Then you have your work cut out for you. But you don’t have to worry; our long-distance moving service is here to help you out. A comprehensive and well-planned moving strategy is essential to ensuring a smooth relocation.

Our expert movers in Massachusetts have long-standing experience dealing with long-distance moves and will have your back all the way through. Below we have discussed a complete long-distance moving checklist that will help you plan your next cross-country move to perfection.

Put In Requests For An Address Change

When it comes to making a long-distance move, ensuring a change of address on all vital documentation is one of the most crucial things you’ll need to do. You should start putting in requests for an official change of address in all essential private and public sector organizations you’re associated with to avoid any miscommunication in the future.

According to our long-distance residential movers, some of the most important institutions that require a mandatory address update are the post office, banks, insurance providers, and credit card companies.

Manage Your Old & New Utility Connections

As it often skips the mind during long-distance moves, you should ensure that all the essential home utilities like power, heating, water, and internet are already enabled before you move into your new place. You’ll also need to make arrangements to have the same utilities in your old residence disabled by the time you make your move.

To get ahead of such formalities, our local long-distance movers advise applying for new utilities and discontinuing the old ones well in advance to prevent moving pains down the lane.

Declutter Your Home With A “Do Not Pack“ List

A new place marks the beginning of a new phase in life, bringing new vibes, energy, and enthusiasm. Hence, it’s the perfect time to declutter by donating, recycling, and selling the stuff you don’t use or won’t need. You should also be aware of certain items that you’re not allowed to carry in case of cross-border moves.

Not just us, any long-distance movers company suggests categorizing all your possessions into two distinct “Pack” and “Do Not Pack” lists for an efficient relocation process.

Hire A Long-Distance Movers Company

Since most of your pre-move responsibilities are dependent on the relocation date, getting an appointment booked with a reputed long-distance movers company like ours will help you set the perfect date for your big move.

However, you should make sure that the scheduled date is comfortably set a few weeks into the future so that you have ample legroom to maneuver the move-related tasks flawlessly.

Check the Compatibility Of Your Furniture & Appliances

Your furniture and appliances are the biggest and the most expensive items to move for any long-distance moving service. Hence, you should carefully evaluate the practical aspects of shifting them to your new place.

In most cases, people find it easier to replace such bulky possessions at their new place as the old furniture may not go well with the area and aesthetics or the electronics may be outdated.

Have A Plan For Your Perishable Items & FMCG

Our movers in Massachusetts have observed that the most commonly wasted or thrown away during long-distance moves are eatables and other perishables. Hence purchasing such items like packaged FMCGs, frozen foods, paints, oils, cleaning supplies, etc., in large quantities days or weeks before the move is not a great idea.

Since most of these items carry a best-before date and go bad rapidly once opened, you may have to get rid of them before the move by either consuming, selling, donating, or dumping them.

Arrange Adequate High-Quality Packing Supplies 

Long-distance moves demand high-quality moving material to pack up all your stuff securely. Therefore, you should think about purchasing cardboard boxes, padding material, packing tape, and labelers from the local home depot or asking the long-distance movers company you’ve hired to arrange it all for you.

Start Organized Packing Of Your Belongings & Valuables

A well-organized packing strategy will help you manage the move efficiently. The more effort you put in your pre-move packing, the easier your post-move unpacking will be. Hence, you should arrange all your stuff in an orderly manner and pack it in neatly labeled and properly taped boxes.

Our long-distance residential movers suggest packing up all your daily needs items last and self-moving all your valuables in person to avoid loss and damage.

Final Thoughts From Our Movers In Massachusetts

As the most reputed long-distance movers company, Big Hill Movers in Massachusetts understands precisely how tough it can be to relocate over long distances. We hope this complete long-distance moving checklist will help you. To know more about our long-distance moving service, get in touch with us.